Monday, November 17, 2014

The English Dub Voice Actors for Free! Eternal Summer Have Been Announced!

Hey guys! I usually don't do posts like this (but I can if you want me to...let me know if that's the case!) but I was just sooo excited when I found out about the English voice cast for *Free! Eternal Summer! So I decided to share it with you! Yay! 

Note: These images all came from the official Free! Eternal Summer page on Facebook. They are not mine, and I take no credit for them. You can go to the official Facebook page for Free! Eternal Summer by clicking here.

Another note: I have them listed by grade (lowest to highest) and then alphabetically. 

And just for fun, here's the meme they posted for Matsuoka Rin's voice actor!

*As of 10/17/14, it was announced that FUNimation would love to dub the first season as well, but that Crunchyroll held the rights for it. They have contacted Crunchyroll in an attempt to do a collaboration on it, but (again, as of 10/17/14) they have not yet heard anything back. 


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    1. now all we have to do is watch the original subbed! rather be watching abs than subtitles...